Beaumont’s Signature Roast New Potatoes

So I was going to post all of these with photos.  But it seems my SD card is corrupted…GAH!…I’m just posting the recipes for now and am setting about either rescuing the SD card, or just cooking everything again to photograph it.  So watch this space. 

Roast potatoes are a fairly essential dish to have tucked in your culinary arsenal. They are also, at least when I make them, a sure fire way to seduce someone. So use this recipe to make yourself and someone else happy.

These are not your standard roasties. These are mine, so they’re obviously a bit different.  I use new potatoes as I love how they become a bit like baby jackets with crisp salty outsides and fluffy, joyful insides.

When I made these for my mum she called me a tart. In the nicest possible way.

Roast potatoes


Serves 5-6
1kg new potatoes
4 cloves garlic
Sea salt
Olive oil
Parsley, a handful

– Preheat your oven to 180’C.
– Pop a kettle on to boil
– Put around 3 tbsp olive oil in a roasting tray and put in the oven so the oil gets nice and hot.
– Have a little look at your potatoes. You’ll want them all to be roughly the same size, so you may need to cut some of the bigger ones in half. Do not peel your spuds.
– Pop them in a large pan with a good sprinkle of salt and pour over the kettle of boiling water.
– whack a lid on your pan and bring to the boil for 5 mins max.
– After 5 mins drain your spuds.
– Take the roasting tray of hot oil out of the oven. Put in your potatoes and give them a good roll around (*giggle*) and put back in the oven.
– Meanwhile, cut the hard, flat bit off your garlic cloves and finely chop or snip up your parsley with kitchen scissors so you have about a handful. Leave to one side and go about your business.
– After 40 mins take the spuds out the oven.  Throw in your garlic cloves (skin still on),  and either gently shake (if feeling a bit cavalier) or turn with a spoon (if feeling less cavalier) so that the garlic is covered in the oil and the spuds are mostly rolled over.
– Return to the oven for another 20 mins.
– Remove your now golden, glorious little potatoes and soft, sweet garlic cloves from the oven and put in a serving dish.
– Garnish liberally with sea salt and parsley. This may be where your mother your mother calls you a tart.
– The garlic should have gently flavoured your potatoes and your guests can squidge the cloves out of their skins to add to the potato eating experience.

– Should any potatoes be left over they can be eaten cold, whilst doing the washing up. Or whilst watching Dr Who on iPlayer with a glass of wine.  I guarantee these are the best Sunday moments. Try it.


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