Barely-requires-a-recipe Leek Confit

So I was going to post all of these with photos.  But it seems my SD card is corrupted…GAH!…I’m just posting the recipes for now and am setting about either rescuing the SD card, or just cooking everything again to photograph it.  So watch this space. 

This, as the title may suggest, is barely even a recipe, as this is pretty much as simple as it gets. But as with most things in food, if not in life in general,  the simplicity is phenomenonally satisfying.

These are leeks cooked ever so slowly in butter and oil to bring out the natural sweetness, seasoned with plenty of salt and pepper to create a ruch, flavourful, glorious accompaniment to just about any meal.

Do bear in mind though that this is a recipe that takes time.  You cannot rush a confit.

It forms part of the Roast Chicken to Impress Your Mum series. When I made it for my mum she asked for the recipe.  And here it is:

Serves 4-6, as an accompaniment
3 big leeks or 4 smaller ones (not baby leeks though, obvs)
2 tbsps butter
1 tbsp olive oil
Salt and pepper
Optional: a drizzle of cream or a splash of chicken stock or roast chicken juices.

– Run your leeks under the tap to ensure there’s not grit left on them.
– Slice the end off each leek and then slice the white and light green bits as thinly as you can. Save the dark green tops for stock.
– Melt the butter and olive oil in a large frying pan over a medium heat. When melted add your leeks to the pan and give them a good stir until they are all covered in the butter and oil. Season with a good pinch of
– Turn the heat right down and cook the leeks for around 45 mins, stirring frequently to stop them sticking or colouring too much.
– The leeks are done when they are soft and silky and have shrunk down considerably. Check your seasoning and prepared to add a little more salt and pepper.
– If adding stock or roast chicken juices do this just before the end to ‘loosen’ the confit and add a further savoury hit.
– If adding cream, take the leeks off the heat and leave to cool ever so slightly so the cream doesn’t split.  Stir the cream in, around a tablespoon and a half, slowly slowly.  The cream will add a further luxurious silkiness to the leeks.


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